Mood of the Weekend

So tomorrow is the last day before I´m heading home. Can´t wait. I´m even dreaming of the moment when I see my beloved ones standing at the airport waiting for me. On friday I will have a thai-message together with my Mum and then we will stay on the couch and drink tee and coffee. Friday evening we will have a family dinner all together. The rest of the weekend will be spend on the couch. And then before I´m going back to Milan I have an appointment at my favorite hairdresser. In fact I was not brave enough to go to an Italian one.

Tomorrow I have 6 hours of Uni and then I will go to bed early because my alarm will wake me up at 3 in the night because my flight departs at 6.

My language course that started yesterday is really fun. We have a good group and our teacher is very nice and young. In total we have 60 hours and must obtain 80%. I won´t get any credits for that course in Maastricht. So for me it does not matter how often I will go there. Others will get even 9 (!!) ECTS for that course. But you won´t get the chance to do a language course for free very often. And of course I am here to learn Italian. You can feel that there is some progress in my knowledge of the Italian language. But speaking is a completely different matter.

Do you remember my post about the fact that women reward themselves? Yeah, I did it again. Winter is coming. Also here in Italy. And so you need to be prepared when the cold is coming. So you need, warm shoes, a coat, a scarf etc. Believe me, the list is endless. I ordered some shoes from UK and please keep your fingers crossed for me that they will arrive on Monday so that I can take them to Milan.

So, rockstars, have a nice evening! Ci vediamo!



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