Back in Town

Yesterday I arrived quiet late here in Milan. It was hard to leave Germany and get back to daily life and studying here. So much work to do. I had a beautiful weekend with my family and I´m already looking forward to christmas to see them again. I think christmas might become my favorite time of the year.

My luggage yesterday at the airport was about 26 kg (ups!) and I had to remove 3 kg. My suitcase was full of winter clothes (very heavy) and a lot of food. I have no idea how I will get all my stuff back to Germany in one suitcase. We will see.

The good thing is that I only have 2 weeks left of studying intensively, for the moment,  because then I´m on vacation in Barcelona for a few days. Here in Italy the 30. and 31. october are holidays so I´m using the time to get out off the city. In fact I hope that the sun is still so strong that I can spend some time at the beach. A beach is really the one thing that is missing here in Milan.

New Year´s Eve I will be in Barcelona again for one week. And I think after that, in january, my journey will come to an end. Although, one journey remains to be done: to Zurich to my lovely friend Julia. And in february everything is over. How fast time passes by……

I wish you all a very good beginning of the week.


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