Hello again dear readers!

Almost weekend, right? Just today and tomorrow to go. Christmas is also coming closer and closer. I always think of the time before christmas as a final spurt. This weekend I have to work on my paper for the sociology course and on my presentation for my politics course. So again a lot of work to do. It´s getting colder and colder here in Milan and it also started raining a few times. The golden days are definitely over. In all the supermarkets you already get sweets and goodies for christmas. Do you guys have an Advent calendar to open every day in december? I love those but unfortunately because of the distance my mummy can´t give me one of her self-made ones so I have to be pleased with one from the supermarket. At least in this way I can count the days off until christmas and H O L I D A Y S! 

In the following weeks I first of all have to work for my courses because the end of the semester is in sight. Besides some friends and family members are visiting. In the end of november and beginning of december I will go to some concerts with friends here in Milan. In december we will go the the ‘Teatro alla Scala’. I guess you  have heard of it. One of the best and known theaters in the world I think. Will be amazing to be there. We are going to see Don Giovanni by Mozart.

I wish you all a nice week and weekend.


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