Today – Look at the Bright Side

Dear readers,

today I am spending my time in front of my desk reading, drinking tea and learning for university. I hope your day is more exciting. However I had an interesting and exciting weekend. Time is running so extremely fast. Can you imagine that it is only 5 weeks until we have Christmas? Crazy, huh? So do you already think about christmas gifts? I have already a list with presents for all my beloved ones. The only thing I need right now is TIME (of course next to money) to do some shopping. Although that is one of my favorite occupations, I even don´t have time for that in Milan (heaven of shopping). It is already going to that point. I hope that after this week (presentation on thursday and paper deadline) I will have some time to enjoy the pre-christmas season in Milan. I´m so looking forward to the big christmas tree that is set up in front of the duomo. Maybe you can even ice skate somewhere!? Never thought about doing that in Italy.

I have been thinking a lot about the first thing I will do back in Germany, or rather the first thing I will eat … this needs to be well thought through. I will inform my mother as soon as possible what has to be on the food tray when I come back (just kidding). But when I decide I will let you know. Any tips maybe?

Have a nice and wonderful week. Mondays always suck. No matter what. But I just read a nice thing about mondays on one of my favorit fashion blogs ‘The ManRepeller’ by Leandra Medine:

“[…] which brings me back to my point about ruling your Monday. Because, you know, exposed well-crafted footwear rule every day of the week.”

Here are some pics from my day:






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  1. Like your thinking, and fully agree with your thoughts. Continue to write and to share with us your wonderful work.

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