Hey you out there!

Sorry for the absence lately. Pre-christmas stress and visits kept me occupied for the last 1,5 weeks. I just brought my Mum and my brother to the central station where they took the bus to the airport. We had an amazing weekend together and did all touristic stuff that I wouldn´t have done alone. Most of the time we were walking around the city. On friday we had Aperitivo at my favorite bar here. On saturday we went on the rooftop of the Duomo. The weather was amazing saturday and sunday so we had a good view over the city. We also went inside the Duomo of course. We did some shopping for christmas, had a walk in one of the parks, were visiting an antique market, went to the museum of modern art and had very good pizza. All in all a very nice and diverse weekend. In my opinion perfect (of course because I planned it 😉 ) to get to know Milan in one weekend.

Now I can and have to concentrate on my exams and I also have to take care of an application for a master programme for next year. Besides I also want to do some stuff here because now that time is short you think about the things you want to do before christmas. A concert, a visit at a famous museum and some christmas shopping is on top of my list.

I wish you a very nice week and enjoy the pleasant anticipation of christmas, for me that is always the best.

Here are some pictures from our weekend:


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