The smell of Glühwein

Sorry for the bad updates recently. I have been quite busy here in the last weeks and days before christmas.

Today I stopped by at the small christmas market at the central station. I missed the smell of Glühwein. Instead you could see, taste and smell all sorts of cheese and prosciutto. I guess that is the Italian way to arrange christmas markets. Also nice but I did not get the christmas feeling I was looking for. I guess I will find that feeling sitting on my Mum´s couch, drinking hot chocolate and watching the typical movie for christmas “3 Nüsse für Aschenbrödel”. Until then I really have to study day and night. But I will also enjoy my last days here. Tomorrow I will go to a very nice exhibition and do some shopping. Then there is a christmas party tomorrow evening and on saturday I will have aperitivo. So a lot to do, not to mention the hard work I will have while packing my suitcase and all the stuff that accumulates itself in a few months.

Here are a few pictures of the christmas market for you. Enjoy!


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