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The smell of Glühwein

Sorry for the bad updates recently. I have been quite busy here in the last weeks and days before christmas.

Today I stopped by at the small christmas market at the central station. I missed the smell of Glühwein. Instead you could see, taste and smell all sorts of cheese and prosciutto. I guess that is the Italian way to arrange christmas markets. Also nice but I did not get the christmas feeling I was looking for. I guess I will find that feeling sitting on my Mum´s couch, drinking hot chocolate and watching the typical movie for christmas “3 Nüsse für Aschenbrödel”. Until then I really have to study day and night. But I will also enjoy my last days here. Tomorrow I will go to a very nice exhibition and do some shopping. Then there is a christmas party tomorrow evening and on saturday I will have aperitivo. So a lot to do, not to mention the hard work I will have while packing my suitcase and all the stuff that accumulates itself in a few months.

Here are a few pictures of the christmas market for you. Enjoy!


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Let´s rock this week

Good morning to everyone!

I hope you had a really nice weekend. I had my significant other here for the weekend. Perfect time we had together. On friday we were walking through the city and enjoying the good but cold weather. In the evening were at a concert of ‘The Drums’ (I show you the pictures later). Saturday we spent the time in the park, having fun and looking for shoes 🙂 Not for me, this time. Saturday evening we went to this good Aperitivo place I told you about last weekend, called Roialto. Yesterday we were strolling around the city and had amazing Pizza at Ciripizza.

This week will, as usually, consist of studying and reading. In 3 weeks I will be home for christmas. Before that I still have a lot of work to do and also I have to pass my politics exam on the 12th of december, as well my language test on the 1st. On friday then my lovely family is visiting me for the weekend. It´s quasi the last time that I have some time off before my exams. After that I only have 2 weeks left for studying. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

I will now go to the park and collect more gingko leaves for decoration 🙂

I wish you all a nice monday. Hope it will be over soon.

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Weekend – Saturday in the Park



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Versace for H&M

This week the collaboration of Versace and H&M was released and can be bought in certain shops now. You can´t imagine what was going on in the morning in front of the H&M stores here in Milan. Just crazy …


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Today – Look at the Bright Side

Dear readers,

today I am spending my time in front of my desk reading, drinking tea and learning for university. I hope your day is more exciting. However I had an interesting and exciting weekend. Time is running so extremely fast. Can you imagine that it is only 5 weeks until we have Christmas? Crazy, huh? So do you already think about christmas gifts? I have already a list with presents for all my beloved ones. The only thing I need right now is TIME (of course next to money) to do some shopping. Although that is one of my favorite occupations, I even don´t have time for that in Milan (heaven of shopping). It is already going to that point. I hope that after this week (presentation on thursday and paper deadline) I will have some time to enjoy the pre-christmas season in Milan. I´m so looking forward to the big christmas tree that is set up in front of the duomo. Maybe you can even ice skate somewhere!? Never thought about doing that in Italy.

I have been thinking a lot about the first thing I will do back in Germany, or rather the first thing I will eat … this needs to be well thought through. I will inform my mother as soon as possible what has to be on the food tray when I come back (just kidding). But when I decide I will let you know. Any tips maybe?

Have a nice and wonderful week. Mondays always suck. No matter what. But I just read a nice thing about mondays on one of my favorit fashion blogs ‘The ManRepeller’ by Leandra Medine:

“[…] which brings me back to my point about ruling your Monday. Because, you know, exposed well-crafted footwear rule every day of the week.”

Here are some pics from my day:





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Get Back to Vintage

A wonderful sunday to all of you. I hope you already had a nice weekend so far.

Yesterday I spent my saturday with some girls at an event for vintage clothes and music. Somewhere in the outer suburbs of Milan, there is a place called Villa Castelbarco. You can also celebrate weddings and other events there. It´s an old castle in the countryside. For 3 days there took place an exhibition and market of old clothes, art and interior design of the 50s, 60,s 70, and 80s. We girls had so much fun looking at vintage clothes and also buying some 🙂 Especially all things from Chanel from the 80s were so nice to look at.


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