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Today – Look at the Bright Side

Dear readers,

today I am spending my time in front of my desk reading, drinking tea and learning for university. I hope your day is more exciting. However I had an interesting and exciting weekend. Time is running so extremely fast. Can you imagine that it is only 5 weeks until we have Christmas? Crazy, huh? So do you already think about christmas gifts? I have already a list with presents for all my beloved ones. The only thing I need right now is TIME (of course next to money) to do some shopping. Although that is one of my favorite occupations, I even don´t have time for that in Milan (heaven of shopping). It is already going to that point. I hope that after this week (presentation on thursday and paper deadline) I will have some time to enjoy the pre-christmas season in Milan. I´m so looking forward to the big christmas tree that is set up in front of the duomo. Maybe you can even ice skate somewhere!? Never thought about doing that in Italy.

I have been thinking a lot about the first thing I will do back in Germany, or rather the first thing I will eat … this needs to be well thought through. I will inform my mother as soon as possible what has to be on the food tray when I come back (just kidding). But when I decide I will let you know. Any tips maybe?

Have a nice and wonderful week. Mondays always suck. No matter what. But I just read a nice thing about mondays on one of my favorit fashion blogs ‘The ManRepeller’ by Leandra Medine:

“[…] which brings me back to my point about ruling your Monday. Because, you know, exposed well-crafted footwear rule every day of the week.”

Here are some pics from my day:






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Hello again dear readers!

Almost weekend, right? Just today and tomorrow to go. Christmas is also coming closer and closer. I always think of the time before christmas as a final spurt. This weekend I have to work on my paper for the sociology course and on my presentation for my politics course. So again a lot of work to do. It´s getting colder and colder here in Milan and it also started raining a few times. The golden days are definitely over. In all the supermarkets you already get sweets and goodies for christmas. Do you guys have an Advent calendar to open every day in december? I love those but unfortunately because of the distance my mummy can´t give me one of her self-made ones so I have to be pleased with one from the supermarket. At least in this way I can count the days off until christmas and H O L I D A Y S! 

In the following weeks I first of all have to work for my courses because the end of the semester is in sight. Besides some friends and family members are visiting. In the end of november and beginning of december I will go to some concerts with friends here in Milan. In december we will go the the ‘Teatro alla Scala’. I guess you  have heard of it. One of the best and known theaters in the world I think. Will be amazing to be there. We are going to see Don Giovanni by Mozart.

I wish you all a nice week and weekend.

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Back in Town

Yesterday I arrived quiet late here in Milan. It was hard to leave Germany and get back to daily life and studying here. So much work to do. I had a beautiful weekend with my family and I´m already looking forward to christmas to see them again. I think christmas might become my favorite time of the year.

My luggage yesterday at the airport was about 26 kg (ups!) and I had to remove 3 kg. My suitcase was full of winter clothes (very heavy) and a lot of food. I have no idea how I will get all my stuff back to Germany in one suitcase. We will see.

The good thing is that I only have 2 weeks left of studying intensively, for the moment,  because then I´m on vacation in Barcelona for a few days. Here in Italy the 30. and 31. october are holidays so I´m using the time to get out off the city. In fact I hope that the sun is still so strong that I can spend some time at the beach. A beach is really the one thing that is missing here in Milan.

New Year´s Eve I will be in Barcelona again for one week. And I think after that, in january, my journey will come to an end. Although, one journey remains to be done: to Zurich to my lovely friend Julia. And in february everything is over. How fast time passes by……

I wish you all a very good beginning of the week.

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Arrivederci! Ci vediamo!

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Mood of the Weekend

So tomorrow is the last day before I´m heading home. Can´t wait. I´m even dreaming of the moment when I see my beloved ones standing at the airport waiting for me. On friday I will have a thai-message together with my Mum and then we will stay on the couch and drink tee and coffee. Friday evening we will have a family dinner all together. The rest of the weekend will be spend on the couch. And then before I´m going back to Milan I have an appointment at my favorite hairdresser. In fact I was not brave enough to go to an Italian one.

Tomorrow I have 6 hours of Uni and then I will go to bed early because my alarm will wake me up at 3 in the night because my flight departs at 6.

My language course that started yesterday is really fun. We have a good group and our teacher is very nice and young. In total we have 60 hours and must obtain 80%. I won´t get any credits for that course in Maastricht. So for me it does not matter how often I will go there. Others will get even 9 (!!) ECTS for that course. But you won´t get the chance to do a language course for free very often. And of course I am here to learn Italian. You can feel that there is some progress in my knowledge of the Italian language. But speaking is a completely different matter.

Do you remember my post about the fact that women reward themselves? Yeah, I did it again. Winter is coming. Also here in Italy. And so you need to be prepared when the cold is coming. So you need, warm shoes, a coat, a scarf etc. Believe me, the list is endless. I ordered some shoes from UK and please keep your fingers crossed for me that they will arrive on Monday so that I can take them to Milan.

So, rockstars, have a nice evening! Ci vediamo!


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Mood of the day

I hope that all of you out there had a very nice weekend. Mine was rather quite. I spent the most time in front of my desk reading. Tomorrow the language course is starting. 3 times a week for 2 hours in the evening. It is comparable to a 9 ECTS course. So again more and more work.

Right now I´m digging my head into social politics and the Italian constitution. Yeah! But there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I will go home on friday morning for the weekend. I´m staying until monday evening. So I will have 4 nice days at home with my family. I´m so glad to have days off from uni and work. I will get some real German food (cannot see pizza and pasta anymore) and some time spending on the couch and watching movies.

Actually I am very happy to have a chilly temperature outside. That way you don´t need an excuse for hanging on the couch and staying inside. If the weather is still as nice as in Italy you always have the feeling to need to be outside and enjoy the weather. But right now I really need some time to sleep and refill my batteries. Besides that I like autumn, when the sun is still out there and the leaves are so colorful. I like the dark green, yellow and burgundy of that season.

Have a nice day and enjoy the autumn days!

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Mood of the day

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