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Home is where the heart is!

Ladies and gentleman,

I am finally on German ground. I arrived quite late tuesday evening with around (felt) 40 kg of luggage. Sitting in the airport shuttle I felt quite melancholic. Leaving this nice city while the sun was shining low at old churches and buildings was not as easy as I thought it would be. After that travel I just wanted to sleep and refill my batteries. Here the weather is really bad but it is the perfect weather to stay on the couch, watch movies and drink tea. That is exactly my intention for the last days before christmas. I did some serious shopping to get all my christmas presents from my to do list. Now I´m done and giving other people presents is at least as much fun as getting some yourself. Next week will consist of a meeting with my hairdresser, meeting friends, wrapping up the presents in fancy paper and so on. The usual christmas preparations.

I wish you all a very nice weekend and make the best of it.



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Get Back to Vintage

A wonderful sunday to all of you. I hope you already had a nice weekend so far.

Yesterday I spent my saturday with some girls at an event for vintage clothes and music. Somewhere in the outer suburbs of Milan, there is a place called Villa Castelbarco. You can also celebrate weddings and other events there. It´s an old castle in the countryside. For 3 days there took place an exhibition and market of old clothes, art and interior design of the 50s, 60,s 70, and 80s. We girls had so much fun looking at vintage clothes and also buying some 🙂 Especially all things from Chanel from the 80s were so nice to look at.


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Barcelona – food and the city


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Here are some pictures from the beach. We had so much fun …

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Barcelona – Snapshots











So I am back from Barcelona. I had an amazing weekend with a lot of sun and great food. And guess what? The weather was that nice that I could spend my whole sunday at the beach and I even went into the water. Here in Milan the weather is not that nice: cold and grey. Today I will spent my day finish some undone stuff. Tomorrow I don´t have uni so I will stay home and read and learn for uni.

Have a nice day!

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Adieu for the weekend!


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Packing my Suitcase


20111026-132627.jpgSo I´m packing my little suitcase for the weekend. Tomorrow evening I´m off to Barcelona for 4 days. I hope that the weather will be better than here in Milan. I doubt that it will be good enough for the beach and my bikini but you never know so I´m taking it with me. When I´m back I will have lots of pictures for you.



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